Silicone Product Development: Design, Evolve & Manufacture Silicone Products

Collaborating with entrepreneurial product developers in need of well-designed, manufacturable silicone parts and production expertise.

SuperMechanical's Range Thermometer was funded via Kickstarter, and uses your smart phone as versatile cooking thermometer.

Fine tuning each component's design and runner geometry allows for 3 very different sized silicone parts to be produced in the same 6-cavity family mold.

Kate Oliver, inventor of the Kupp', had a better idea for a kid's drinking glass, and won the NY Now Best New Product Award, and 2nd place for Eco Choice Award.

Working closely with Kate and her design firm to adjust the silicone "Kupp" wrap design in the prototyping stage allowed for better silicone to glass fit and functionality in the final product. Also, the proper gate design and location on silicone parts with radically different wall thicknesses is key to optimizing material flow and molding good parts.

Top & Derby's Chatfield Cane was a successful Indiegogo campaign providing cane users with an elegantly rugged cane comprised of a wood shaft, silicone ovemolded handle, and TPE foot. Being able to produce both the cane's silicone overmolded handle and TPE foot in one location at our factory assures better deliveries and less hassle.

The devil is in the mold details when overmolding cast AL parts, in this case the handle's core, because of the very tight tolerances on silicone molds.


Designers & Kickstarter pros, Studio Neat achieved another successful product launch. The "Neat Ice Kit" enhances your favorite adult beverage with a perfectly clear, properly sized ice cube.

Deep draw parts (4inch - 10.16cm) frequently require air ejection features and subtle part design changes - radiused corners, draft, etc- for reliable de-molding of cosmetically acceptable silicone parts.

Brook Fishing Equipment invented the "Outta the Box" and Brook Tackle Box fly storage systems. Both utilize silicone mats that perform exceptionally better then foam fly mats.

Calculating silicone shrinkage during mold design is critical, especially when die cutting slits into a silicone product. Thin to thick parts can also present silicone flow challenges, and having an in-house mold making shop means quick turn around during mold debugging.

The Armaband hands-off self defense bracelet is stylishly designed for everyday wear, and always ready to deploy. 

"Strike Hard. Get Away. Capture DNA."

Starting as a five-component prototype, the Armaband was re-designed into a single silicone overmolded part, greatly reducing materials, lead times and assembly labor.

Casco Bay Molding introduced our own menstrual cup brand, the Casco Cup, made in Maine from high-quality Healthcare-Grade silicone. We also developed the Casco Case, a silicone & hard plastic carrying and storage case that is purse-tested, drop-tested and provides debris free protection for your Casco Cup, and therefore your body.
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By offering the complete product development cycle under one roof- from designing parts & building molds to launching into full blown production- you will reduce risks of working with multiple vendors, improve time to market & lower costs.



Please Note:

Mold making and product development investment averages between $5,000 to $19,950 depending on complexity.


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